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Get back to doing the things you love.

Brain fog and fatigue are taking you away from your family, your passions, and even yourself. 


I can help. 

Download my free eBook, The Tired Mom’s Guide to A Healthy Microbiome, and start the journey back to the life you love. 

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Client Reviews

We first contacted Mary about our autistic 12 yr old daughter. She was having bouts of depression and sensory regression. I wanted to see if nutritional therapy would help aid her before I tried anything else. After a couple of months with Mary, we got our sweet happy girl again! She is sleeping much better and is more aware of food choices. Mary took the time to explain to her different aspects of nutrition and was very very patient when Julianna had a hard time with certain parts of the protocol. She is so professional, sweet and invested in the long term health of her clients. Absolutely love her!

- Jessica M.

Mary is awesome and infomative. In very little time she was able to find key problems that took me 5 doctors (both functioning and western) and extensive testing to find out. I believe her knowledge can help in ways beyond typical medical care. 

- Lindsay R.

Mary is highly educated and knows how to create individualized care for her clients.  She cares deeply about each person and get results!

- Amy S.

I took Mary’s class with the Restart program earlier this year - it was really amazing! I enjoyed being part of an authentic group of ladies - sharing experiences and nutritious recipes. I learned new things about healthy living and felt so good and full of energy -especially in the last week. I highly recommend this class to anyone wanting to improve their health in a fun, encouraging environment!

- Charity L.

I highly recommend this program for everyone who wants to start fresh. I felt so much lighter and mentally and physically better. it was a good experience. I learned so much with Mary as our coach.

- Violet R.

This was an amazing boost to my health journey! I started this program with no idea how small changes in our food choices could make such a huge impact on mood and energy!! I enjoyed the fun & easy approach to better health!

- Margarita M.

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