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Did you poop today?

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Your stool is a snap shot of your health.

It is one of the main ways we release toxins from our body (besides from sweat, tears, and urine) ... and if you don't have a bowel movement everyday - guess what is happening inside of your body?.... putrefying/fermentation/toxicity (think GAS + foul odors+IBS+etc) ... Imagine what would happen if you didn't take the garbage out of your house every day! Imagine we didn't have waste management systems in our cities! How does your garbage smell after a few days? Not so great. Eventually these toxins that were supposed to be flushed out, will find other ways to escape ... think skin issues, fatigue, bloating, gastric pain, thyroid issues, etc. It is a domino effect of issues when we can't properly detox.

Ideally your stool should be a 3 or 4 from the #BristolStoolChart and you should be going after each meal (ideally)...So... don't be shy... next time you drop a load, take a peek ... next post we will go into what you can do if your bowel movements need some tweaking :D A good place to start is making sure you are drinking enough CLEAN FILTERED water through out the day (with electrolytes, like a dash of sea salt)... but don't worry more to come.

There can be many causes for not having normal bowel movements- and they are usually bioindivideal to you specifically. So what could help one person might not help another. But there a handful of things that everyone can do to help their bowels function normally.

Here is my gift to you! A seventeen page magazine with tips and info on why the microbiome is so important and what you can do optimize your bowel performance.

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