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My Services

As a holistic practitioner, I think in terms of optimal function. 

We work from the inside out, investigating for underlying imbalances.

Imbalances manifest as symptoms and which, if left unchecked, can develop into disease.


My goal is to find the root causes of poor health and dysfunction, and restore balance in the body that could lead to optimal function + better quality of life. 


Blood Chemistry Analysis

Is This You?

Ever heard the words "everything looks fine," yet still, you feel far from okay? 


Ready for a fresh perspective from functionally trained eyes on your lab work? 🩸


Let someone trained in Functional Nutrition take a closer look!" 


Embark on a journey to personalized well-being with my expert blood chemistry analysis service! 


As an experienced Functional Nutrition and Restorative Wellness practitioner, I will examine your lab results, providing precise insights through convenient video replies. 


Unlock Your Wellness Journey:


  • Comprehensive Analysis: Expert evaluation of your blood chemistry.

  • Tailored Insights: Pinpointing specific imbalances based on functional chemistry lab ranges. 

  • Seamless Video Reply: Clear, personalized guidance sent directly to your inbox.

  • Recommendations for Further Insight: Receive insights and personalized recommendations, including exploring a bio-individual tailored game plan. Suggestions for additional labs if needed for a deeper understanding are all part of the journey.


Your well-being deserves expert attention.


$150 (cost of labs are separate, if needed), this investment can be applied toward a package within 3 months. 

(Note: This service provides a quick overview and recommendations for further testing, not a full session with comprehensive lifestyle, diet or supplement recommendations.)


Wellness Kickstart: Building Blocks for Vitality

Is this you?

  • Someone looking to preserve and enhance their health and vitality?

  • Individuals seeking clarity on their current health status, craving guidance and support.

  • Feeling exhausted from endless diets, supplements, and unsolicited advice? Say goodbye to the frustration and let me be your guide to wellness.

Unlock Your Wellness Journey:

  • In-Depth Blood Chemistry Analysis

  • 4 Personalized Coaching Sessions

  • Core Dietary & Lifestyle Blueprint

  • Tailored Meal Plans

  • Custom Supplement Plan

  • Exclusive 20% Off Fullscript Supplements

  • Holistic Lifestyle Guidance

  • Gain Exclusive Access to My Valuable Self-Paced Nutrition Course ($325 value)


$300 per month + cost of supplements, 3 month commitment 

Foundational Health logo.jpg

Optimal Wellness Blueprint: Your Path to Vibrant Health

Is this you?


If you're tired of endless diets, supplements, and 'one-size-fits-all' advice, I'm here for you.


Anyone dealing with anxiety, depression, bloating, weight challenges, fatigue, insomnia, joint pain, digestion issues, and more can benefit.

Unlock Your Wellness Journey:


  • Comprehensive Health Assessment: GI-MAP, MRT, and Comprehensive Blood Panel.

  • Personalized Approach: Tailored gut, diet, and lifestyle plan.

  • Exclusive 20% Discount on Supplements.

  • Gain Exclusive Access to My Valuable Self-Paced Nutrition Course ($325 value)

  • Guided Program Schedule:

   - Onboarding

   - Initial Consultation

   - Recommendations Meeting

   - 10 Bi-weekly Check-ins

   - Final Evaluation



$357 per month + cost of supplements, 7 month commitment

Unlock Your Wellness Journey today.

Self Paced Nutrition Course 

Is this you?

Are you seeking to enhance your well-being? Discover my self-paced nutrition education program tailored for individuals like you, aiming to optimize your (and your families') health. Grounded in functional nutrition principles, this course adopts a holistic approach, acknowledging the profound connection between what we eat, our physical health, mood, energy, and cognitive function. Join us on this transformative journey.

Unlock Your Wellness Journey: 

Enjoy direct access to me during business hours for any program-related queries. Engage in enlightening monthly Zoom sessions, delving into key topics together.

Module 1: **Meal Blueprint**

Craft nutrient-dense, whole food meals tailored to individual needs for optimal health.


Module 2: **Optimizing Digestion**

Explore the body's mechanisms for breaking down and absorbing nutrients effectively.


Module 3: **Blood Sugar Regulation**

Address the consequences of blood sugar imbalances on energy, weight, and overall health.


Module 4: **The Gut Microbiome**

Balance gut bacteria for a healthy immune system and overall well-being.


Module 5: **Hydration & Minerals**

Understand the impact of hydration on physical and mental performance.


Module 6: **Toxins in the Home**

Create a safe home environment by minimizing toxins' effects on the body.



*Scholarships available. Inquire within.

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