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The Healing Power of Bone Broth

Bone broth has guided me through some of the darkest and most joyful moments of my life. In 2019, during a catastrophic uterine rupture, my dear friends showered me with various types of broths to sip on during my tragic hospital stay. I will be forever grateful for this profound act of love and support.

More recently, in the spring of 2023, I faced an acute appendicitis attack. During this challenging time, I made the decision to fast for 72 hours, sustaining myself solely with bone broth (with some lemon & beet juice added to it). I am thankful that I still have my appendix intact. However, it is essential to note that this is not medical advice. If you find yourself in a similar situation, please seek professional medical assistance immediately.

Broths and stocks serve as the foundation for numerous nourishing meals. This time-honored culinary tradition is making a comeback in many kitchens—a lost art and skill finding its way back into our lives. I hope this post inspires you to embrace this wonderful practice, which, once learned, becomes surprisingly easy to incorporate into your own cooking routine.

Broth v.s. Stocks v.s. Bone Broth

Broth is the liquid remaining after simmering or cooking meat (with the optional vegetables and/herbs). Its usually cooked a lot quicker than stocks or bone broths). Broths tend to be thinner & lighter in flavor, good for sipping or a base for simpler soups.

Stocks are made from a combination of bones, cartilage, connective tissue in water and simmered for several hours (while broths are mainly made from the meat). Stocks tend to be silky and smooth in texture. Stocks serve as the foundation for many dishes, sauces, gravies, hearty soups and stews.

Bone broths cook for considerably longer - 12 to 48 hours- extracts flavorful & extracts as much gelatin & minerals as possible from bones & connective tissue. Protein rich bone can be used as a foundation for soups, stews, meat/vegetable braises, pilafs, risottos, sauces, or sipped on its own.


  • Provides much needed nourishment for the body

  • Excellent source of protein, + trace amounts of vitamins and minerals

  • Historically bone broths have been used to help heal & provide nourishment for the ill, new mothers after childbirth, weaning infants, & the elderly.

  • Safe to drink, especially in areas where water is not always clean or available


Does your bone stock jiggle jiggle? Does it have a bouncy gel-like texture to it when its cooled? If it does, then congrats, you have formed gelatin! Collagen from animal bones, skins, joints, and connective tissue turn into gelatin when simmered for many hours in water. Gelatin is rich in many proteins, but especially in the proteins glycine & proline which have anti-inflammatory properties, and some studies show even help reduce signs of aging. Gelatin acts as an aid to digestion and has been used successfully in the treatment of many intestinal disorders, including hyperacidity, colitis + Crohn's disease.

while gelatin is not a complete protein, it acts as a protein "sparer"; enhances protein absorption in the body

**Attention: Some people are "sensitive" to the natural occurring glutamic acid formed in bone broths and stocks. If you find yourself with a glutamic sensitivity (histamine reaction), then it might be best to consume broths that cook for a much shorter amount of time (about 2 hours)

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