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Yeast Overgrowth 101

What is candida?

Several species of fungi (including candida) are native to healthy gut and vaginal microbiomes. However, dysbiosis in these microbial ecosystems allows certain yeast to overgrow—like weeds overtaking a garden.

Candida albicans is a common opportunistic yeast that causes vaginal infections, oral thrush, and gut issues.

It grows a biofilm complex and root-like hyphae that can penetrate through the intestinal wall, which increases gut permeability (a.k.a "leaky gut"), releases fungal metabolites into the bloodstream, and causes systemic inflammation.

What Contributes to Overgrowth?

Yeast overgrowth results from a diet high in sugar & refined carbs, impaired upper digestion, repeated antibiotic use, alcohol consumption, estrogen dominance, chronic stress, or a compromised immune system.

Candida infection also closely correlates with Celiac disease because the proteins in gluten are very similar to those found in the cell wall of candida. The immune antibody response to candida is almost identical to the gut-damaging autoimmune reaction triggered by gluten.

Support Microbial Balance


starve this sugar-loving yeast by minimizing high-sugar fruits, added sweeteners, & refined grains


Lactobacillus bacteria compete with candida (found in fermented foods and probiotics like L. casei Shirota, L. acidophilus La5, L. acidophilus GG)


candida detox protocols typically involve a combination of anti-fungals (garlic, oregano, thyme, pau d'arco, caprylic acid), biofilm breakers (ACV, garlic, NAC), & binders (activated charcoal, chlorella)

Feeling Overwhelmed ?

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