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How our Thoughts & Beliefs Impact our Health

Our thoughts and beliefs are what create our own reality. They are the lenses in which we view the world. From before we were even born, all of the factors around us have been formed and shaped by the beliefs and thought processes of our families’ experiences, our ancestors, and the culture that surrounds us, on a macro (very large) and micro (very tiny) level.

The words we repeat over and over in our head and the words that have been spoken to us have made us who we are and how we handle different situations, for better or for worse.

I remember from an early age my mother telling me I was too sensitive or cared too much about others. In her defense, without realizing it, she was just recognizing my strengths in caring and serving others, which explains why I am in the field of Nutritional Therapy, just maybe not in the most tactful way. I also remember an acid tongued teacher telling me I was a cry baby in 4th grade, this hurt me deeply.

On the flipside I remember my father telling me I was a computer genius and my aunt and grandmother telling me how beautiful I was. These are the words and stories I repeated in my head over and over throughout my life, again and again, for better or for worse.

We, as Holistic Nutritionists have to understand how powerful our words are, not only to our clients but to ourselves. Our words can either build up or break down one another. I tell this to my children all of the time. There is really no in-between.

Doing nutritional therapy is hard work! It is not a quick fix pill, one and done kind of situation. It is laborious, requires intention, but it is 1000% worth it.

Do we give up at the first sign of hardship or do we remain the course until our “goal” or “intention” has been brought to fruition? Are we “go-getters” or are self proclaimed “victims” of everyone else's choices? These are all patterns we need to reflect on when trying to improve our health.

When I started to work with clients, I came to the conclusion that mindset work and habits were even more important than understanding and sharing the process of digestion. I can know all of the nutrition facts and spew them out, but if we don’t get down to the nitty gritty of our lying brains (yes our brains lie to us all of the time), we won’t make much improvement. Or when the going gets tough, clients will revert to old habits if not properly prepared.

We as nutritional therapists act as mirrors for our clients. We help them to see their strengths and their weaknesses. We give our clients tools for overcoming these hardships that they’ve been struggling with for probably many years. If there are situations that are out of our scope and practice we refer them out to other professionals that we have also built trust and relationship with.

So how do you want to view the world you live in? How do you want to view your health? Are you an active participant in your health choices or do you let others around you (even the little pesky microbes in your belly) dictate in which direction your health and wellness will go?

Have you been through the traditional medical system and tired of running in circles? Have you had basic tests done, only to be rushed through an appointment and come out feeling discouraged? Have your symptoms only been “managed” and the investigation into the root cause just been ignored? Working with me will be PROFOUNDLY different.

We have the luxury of time together. I want to hear your story and give you the time to share it. This will be a powerful experience for you in and of itself, and gives you the opportunity to share your health story from the very beginning with someone who’s present and keenly interested in the details. I want to be your mirror and your facilitator.

If you are interested in a free discovery call to see if we make a good fit, schedule with me here.

Hi, I’m Mary. And I know how exhausted and overwhelmed you feel.

I’m a mom, too.

After the birth of my children, I realized that my doctors couldn’t provide the solutions I needed to keep myself and my family healthy.

My children struggled with sensory processing and GI issues.

I dealt with mysterious fatigue, brain fog, and autoimmune disease and tragically lost my daughter, Karis Liberty Hope, to catastrophic uterine rupture.

I felt drained and helpless. No one had an explanation that made sense.

I was so determined to solve my family’s health problems that I built on my work as a graduate-level science educator and began studying nutrition.

Fast forward ten years—I’m now a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

And I finally have answers.

No more fatigue. No more brain fog. No more missing out on my children’s lives.

There is an explanation for why you feel so tired, and it’s not your fault.

The good news is that there are solutions.

It’s time to get back to your family, to doing the things you love.

Get to know more about me here.

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