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You are what you absorb.

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

Have you heard this statement before? Maybe not, you probably have heard, "you are what you eat", which is partially true, but how do you know you are actually absorbing what you eat? Well that is a great question!

First we must understand where digestion begins?

Where does digestion begin? The intestines, stomach, mouth or brain?

DOES YOUR BODY KNOW WHEN TO "TURN ON" DIGESTION? Or are you eating mindlessly?

There are two STATES of eating we can be in; sympathetic or parasympathetic.

1. SYMPATHETIC state of eating is eating when you are in a state of STRESS, a.k.a "Fight or Flight". In this state you are distracted and rushed, this leads to IMPAIRED DIGESTION. Some signs of a sympathetic state of stress and why it is harder to digest food;

  • more alert and responsive (survival mechanism)

  • no saliva produced

  • blood sent FROM digestive system TO muscles

  • increased heart rate

  • stomach, pancreas, gallbladder & intestines are NOT active

What are things that put you in a STATE OF STRESS?

  • watching TV

  • scrolling

  • reading

  • feeling distracted

  • standing

  • walking

  • getting ready to leave

  • driving in traffic

  • eating quickly

  • having time limit (short lunch breaks, etc)

  • feeling guilty for what you are eating

2. The SOLUTION, the 2nd state of eating is the PARASYMPATHETIC state, a.k.a "Rest and Digest". In this state you are CALM and INTENTIONAL and this leads to OPTIMAL DIGESTION. Some signs of a parasympathetic state of RECEIVING include;

  • more relaxed and present

  • mouth produces saliva

  • blood sent FROM muscles TO digestive system

  • decreased heart rate

  • stomach makes acid

  • pancreas makes digestive enzyme

  • gallbladder releases bile

  • intestines move food along

What are some things that put you in a STATE OF RECEIVING?

  • no distractions

  • sitting at a table

  • taking deep breaths before beginning to eat

  • gratitude before eating

  • feeling present

  • smelling and tasting food

  • chew food 20x

  • eating off plate/bowl

  • eating slowly

  • no time limit

  • sensing fullness levels

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